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Total Gut Revive Digestive Supplement

Total Gut Revive Digestive Supplement

Boost Your Brainpower

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Total Gut Revive is specially formulated with ingredients shown in studies to support healthy gut lining and reduce bloating and gas. Just one pill per day can improve digestion within a week or two, and continue to support healthy digestion as long as you take it.

The modern Western diet is filled with foods that weaken, thin, and otherwise compromise your gut lining. Saturated fats, sugar, and lack of fiber thin your gut lining. This causes “leaks” in your gut that cause bloating, gas, discomfort, and other digestive problems. Total Gut Revive contains ingredients shown in studies to support your gut lining, helping your digestion and stopping the awful side effects of leaky gut even before they start.

Take one time per day with water (twice daily for faster results).

  • Supports Gut Lining
  • Reduces Gas + Bloating
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improved Digestions

How To Use

We recommend adults take Floraspring twice daily and long-term to let the nutrients build up in your system. Take before meals. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


5-Strain probiotic blend for optimal digestive health

9 booster strain probiotics

Digestive supplement to support weight management

25 billion CFU

Probiotic supplement for men and women

Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience

Proudly Made in USA

Shelf stable, no refrigeration required

Vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

USDA organic



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Guilt-Free Chocolate!

Good health starts in the gut, so keep your digestive health in good shape with Florasweets!

Improves Digestion

Only 20 Calories Per Chocolate!

Supports Immune System

5 Billion CFUs of Probiotics in Each Bar

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Supports Metabolism of Fat

60% Cacao Content (More Antioxidants!)

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Feel Fit and Refreshed

Enjoy these rich, decadent chocolate squares packed with metabolism-boosting probiotic strains and antioxidants.

Feel lighter, slimmer, and curvier, all while enjoying a boost in your digestion and immune system!


When should I take Floraspring

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