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Our mission at Revival Labs is to optimize digestive health with our clinically proven ingredients that are clean, natural and tested for potency and purity. We provide solutions to help provide energy, weightloss, and a healthy digestive system.

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    Improve Your Digestive Health With Probiotics

    Taking a daily probiotic supplement can ensure your digestion and immune health are being supported. Our supplements are formulated with clinically-studied probiotic strains that support your gut microbiome. By improving the health of your gut lining, probiotics may reduce inflammation and release appetite regulating hormones.

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    Improve Nutrient Absorption with Digestive Enzymes

    A daily digestive enzymes supplement can support digestion for foods that are harder to digest such as dairy, gluten, grains and high lectin foods. Revival Point’s enzyme supplements have a proprietary blend that provide extra support for those with indigestion and occasional gas after eating a meal.

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    Improve Metabolic Health With Prebiotics

    Prebiotics optimize the functioning of probiotics by adding healthy bacteria to the lower digestive tract to increase the number of bifidobacteria. Our prebiotic supplements work synergistically with our probiotics to eliminate moldy gut bacteria so you can see improvements in your metabolism and digestion.

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Meet Steven Masley MD

Revival Point is proud to have collaborated with Dr. Masley in research and development to create our line of superior digestive supplements free of unnecessary chemicals and additives.

Dr. Steven Masley, MD, is the author of four bestselling books, including Ten Years Younger, The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, Smart Fat, and others.

His leading fat loss formula has helped hundreds of his clients and has gained respect from the medical and scientific community. His method focuses on speeding up fat loss at the source, using 5 specific “living nutrients” linked to dramatic fat loss.

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We donate a portion of each order to help children in developing countries. The Vitamin Angels charity is an incredible non-profit organization that aids pregnant mothers and their kids, all over the world, by giving them the gift of health and wellness through access to high-quality vitamins that are important to a child’s nurturing and development.

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