Collection: Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements consist of live bacteria. When you add this to the bacteria already living in and protecting your gut microbiome, it strengthens the army of good bacteria. This means any bad bacteria in your gut will find it more difficult to take hold. 

Aside from keeping the bad bacteria from affecting your digestive system, healthy probiotics also help your system to absorb nutrients more easily. This means your body Need help with an unhappy digestive system? Our probiotic supplements are designed to ease your stomach pain and boost your metabolism. 

Did you know that around 90% of serotonin—the happy hormone—is made in your gut? So your happiness can, quite literally, depend on how healthy your gut microbiome is! And the quickest way to balance out your gut and get things running smoothly is to try probiotic supplements. One small tablet, one giant leap for your digestive health! 

How Do Probiotic Supplements Work? 

can take everything it needs from your food, keeping you fuller for longer and reducing the pain and bloating that go along with poor nutrient absorption. 

Why Probiotic Supplements Are Important 

Probiotics have many more benefits than just improved digestion. As we mentioned above, they actually make a huge difference to your mental health (1)! Along with that, when you’re taking probiotic supplements regularly, you can expect (2): 

  • Prevention & treatment of bowel disorders 
  • Immune system & overall health boost 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Reduced cholesterol 
  • Treatment of acute & chronic diarrhea 
  • Improvement of anxiety & depression symptoms 

What Makes Our Probiotics the Best Choice? 

Our probiotic supplements are formulated by doctors, backed by science, and proven by excellent results. We include the most potent mix of probiotic strains, designed to revamp your metabolism and strengthen your digestive system. 

They include industry-leading levels of CFUs—colony-forming units—that are all-natural, organic, and healthy. These probiotic supplements are suitable for all adults, male or female, provided they’re in otherwise good health, have no immune system disorders or bacterial growth disorders, and have no sensitivities to the ingredients. 

Our supplements are gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, GMP-certified, and vegetarian. That means almost anyone can reap the rewards of our supplements without worry! 

How to Take Probiotic Supplements: The Right Way 

Not all probiotics are the same when it comes to dosage. It’s important to check the dosage instructions on the package you get, because overdoing it can wreak havoc on your digestive system… while under-doing it will mean you see little to no results. 

When it comes to our probiotics, we recommend at least one per day. If you want to speed up the process, you can increase your dosage to two daily. You can take them any time of day, with or without food. If you’re taking prebiotics, make sure to take them before your probiotics! 

How Long Before I See and Feel Results? 

Probiotics require patience. We recommend sticking to a supplement consistently for at least 3 months. This is the optimal time to allow your body to adjust and start changing. 

Keep in mind that you‘re likely to experience bloating, gassiness, and discomfort in the first week or so as your digestive system learns to handle the extra bacteria. This is normal, so don’t worry about it or think the probiotics aren’t working! 

Tired of Tablets? Try Our Probiotic Chocolate! 

If you’re already taking a bunch of tablets, what’s one more? But if you want something a little different and a lot more tasty, why not try our probiotic chocolate instead of capsules? 

Yes, you can improve your gut health by eating chocolate! But not just any chocolate. Our expertly formulated, low-calorie dark chocolate squares come with 5 billion CFUs and zero guilt. 

No refrigeration necessary, organic and suitable for vegans, and high in antioxidants. What better treat to satisfy your sweet tooth and heal your gut at the same time? 



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