3 Hidden Dangers of the Keto Diet

3 Hidden Dangers of the Keto Diet

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When trying to lose weight, many people turn to the keto (or “extremely low carb”) diet.

After all… we’ve been told for years that “carbs are the enemy”… and that eating so much as a sandwich (?!) is going to pack on pounds like crazy.

And while it’s true that in the short-term, limiting carbs to ridiculously low amounts can help you lose weight quickly…

The first long-term studies regarding the effects of a keto diet on your body are just starting to come in…

And they are not pretty. 🙁

In fact… the keto diet can have some disastrous long-term effects on your health well after you’ve given it up.

(As always, I dug into all of these cutting-edge scientific studies so that you don’t have to… and I actually found some good news as well if you’re looking to lose weight by eating more carbs… more on that in a minute).


1) Long-Term Kidney Problems, Including Kidney Disease & Dialysis

Your kidneys are extremely important. They filter all of the waste products out of your blood and body… which allows your body to… well… live.

But a recent study in the journal Nutrients found that being on a keto diet can cause your blood and urine to become more acidic. [1]

Over time, if this acidity isn’t lowered, and you have (or develop) underlying kidney disease… you can end up with a state of keto acidosis… which can, in turn, cause more extensive kidney disease.

Another study from the well-respected PubMed database indicated that being on a keto diet puts you at a much higher risk of developing kidney stones. [2]

Kidney damage is unfortunately not reversible in most cases. The only long-term options for treating it are either a transplant (which takes a long time if you can even find a match)…

…or being hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine for the rest of your life.

I don’t know about you… but I prefer to err on the side of caution with my kindeys.

So the keto diet? Not really for me.


2) Keto Can Be TERRIBLE For Your Gut Bacteria!

One of the problems many people have on keto is getting enough fiber into their diet.

Fiber is extremely important for gut health, regularity, and eliminating waste from your body.

But if you limit carbs (like when you’re on keto), it’s very tough to get enough fiber to meet your body’s daily needs.

Fiber “feeds” the good bacteria in your gut. Without enough fiber, those “good” gut bacteria die-off. [3]

That leaves bad “fat-storing” bacteria to colonize your gut… and ultimately cause weight gain… no matter how few carbs you eat.

(If you’re like me… and you’ve tried the keto diet before… only to hit a plateau… and then a reversal where you put on weight… then this is probably what’s to blame).


3) Cancer, Heart Disease, & Other Kinds of “Early Death” Events

A recent study of 130,000 adults in the journal Annual Internal Medicine linked a low-carb keto diet to higher rates of death from “all causes.” [4]

The researchers specifically pointed to spikes in death rates due to cancer and heart disease as a result of being on the keto diet. [5]

Of course, people involved with “big keto” have disputed the study’s results… but no one has given a satisfactory rebuttal to it as of yet.

I know I don’t need to tell you how bad things like “increased chance of cancer and heart disease” are for you.

So if you’d prefer not to play Russian roulette with your health… then you should probably steer clear of keto.


WARNING: Your friends will be confused (or even horrified) when you’re able to eat pizza and lose weight!

How to Stay Off of Keto…Enjoy ALL of Your Favorite Carbs… & Lose a BUNCH of Weight…

Now that you know how dangerous keto is for you… you’re probably wondering what does work to safely lose weight and keep it off.

As someone who’s struggled with her weight for a long time… I did what I always do when I’m looking for answers:

I turned to the latest, most cutting-edge scientific research.

And what I found was completely shocking!

An Ivy League doctor recently released his cutting-edge research that shows you how to turn pizza, pasta, bread, and pastries into “fat-burning foods.

I was as surprised as you were when I watched this free video about his findings but all of the science he cites 100% backs it up!

All you have to do is eat this one common type of food before eating carbs and watch as stubborn belly, thigh, and arm fat melts right off over time.

Yes… this Ivy League doctor’s research actually turns carbs into a fat-burning food!

So instead of depriving yourself… or feeling guilty every time you stray from the “big-brother-approved” list of “keto foods”…

Watch this video… see how to make carbs your fat-burning friend… and enjoy them without guilt:


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P.S. – I’m about to go on a “healthy” carb binge myself–I was getting so hungry I ordered a pizza while writing this… and I’m gonna enjoy it too, darn it! Because I’m going to do this ahead of time (as recommended by the Ivy League doctor)… so these carbs will naturally help my body boost its metabolism and burn more fat!

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