Lose Weight as You Sleep: 3 Effortless Tips Without the Gym

Lose Weight as You Sleep: 3 Effortless Tips Without the Gym

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Most people think that weight loss starts (and ends) with intense workouts that last for hours on-end.

But in reality, while exercise certainly can help with weight loss… it’s definitely not the be-all-end-all.

Think of it this way: you can go out, run 10 miles, spend 2-3 hours in the gym, and walk all day…

But if you go home and eat a bunch of cheesecake, you’ll quickly undo ALL of the weight loss progress you just made!

Not only that, but if you ever missed working out, even for a day… you’d start packing on the poundsreally fast.

That’s why here at Revival Point, we emphasize a food-focused, non-deprivation approach to losing weight sustainably.

It’s the only way that’s proven to help you lose weight over the long run…


There are a few things you can do to speed up weight loss even as you sleep!

These scientifically-proven “Sleeper Slimmers” can:

  • Burn fat as you sleep

  • Boost your metabolism, and

  • REALLY INCREASE the rate you melt off the pounds

Once you know these… and start putting them into practice… your body will naturally burn fat not only at night… but all day long too…

And this will help you burn pounds and pounds of stubborn belly fat… “cottage cheese thighs”… and even that resistant fat around your arms and legs.

3 Simple "No Workout" Tips to Lose Weight While You Sleep

1) The “Shiver Secret” That Boosts Metabolism

A recent study in the medical journal Cell Metabolism showed that people burn a lot more calories when they’re cold.

The researchers had 10 subjects rest in temperature-controlled blankets filled with water. These blankets were gradually cooled from 80 degrees down to 53 degrees.

The participants’ energy expenditure increased 48%!

Not only that, but 7 of the 10 participants shivered. And those 7 people showed an increase in their muscle activity of 88%.

Those who didn’t shiver only increased their muscle activity by 13%.

So the research is pretty clear:

Shivering burns more calories.

Scientists are still studying precisely why this happens.

They think in part it’s due to continuous muscle engagement combined with the body’s production of more “brown fat cells.”

The thought is your body needs to keep warm in colder temperatures. And absent anything else… to do so, it’ll burn more energy and turn more white (bad) fat into good (brown) fat to do so.

Brown fat is more efficient at metabolizing energy than white fat, and releases more heat and is more insulin resistant.

So if you shiver more, either during the day, or at night, you’ll burn more calories.

Try turning your thermostat down at night, or using a lighter blanket when possible.

You can also finish your showers with a shock of cold water. The longer the better, but at least 30 seconds or so should build up a nice shiver.

While it may be uncomfortable at the time, you’ll notice it’ll kickstart your metabolism like few other things!

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2) Pack Your Diet With This Common “Macronutrient”

One of the easiest ways to boost the amount of fat your body passively burns is to eat more protein.

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that by boosting their protein intake by 15-30%, people on average burned 441 more calories per day.

This same group lost on average 11 pounds in 12 weeks… and they weren’t told to intentionally reduce any of their favorite foods.

That means that if you boost the amount of protein you eat… you will automatically burn more calories as you sleep.

Breakfast is a great time to boost your protein intake; foods like eggs and greek yogurt are protein-packed goodies that taste great to start the day off right.

Or you can take a protein shake first thing in the morning too.

The important thing is you boost your protein intake.

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3) Eat These Brand-New “Living Nutrients” for Passive Nighttime Fat-Burning

One of the more recent scientific weight loss breakthroughs has to do with a new type of “Living Nutrient.”

These Living Nutrients colonize a very specific part of your body… and depending on the foods you eat and the kinds of fuel you give them… they can passively burn alot of fat right off your body.

Think of it this way: these “Living Nutrients” move around inside your body… helping it carry helpful food and other nutrients throughout it.

That means your body processes food into energy more efficiently… and stores less of the food you eat as fat.

Not only that… but when you have the right amount of these helpful “Living Nutrients”… you’ll also notice they burn off that stubborn belly fat you’ve been wanting to get rid of forages.

Until now, these “Living Nutrients” have only been available to the rich and famous… the kinds of people who had thousands of dollars to spend on customized nutrition plans and supplements.

However, recently a well-known doctor, Dr. Steven Masley, pioneered a simple, easy, dare I say “elegant” solution to bring these “Living Nutrients” to everyday folks like you and me.

He recently made a short, free presentation that will show you:

  • What these “Living Nutrients” are
  • Where you can get them, and
  • The right amount of them to take for optimal passive fat loss

When you take them in the right amounts… these “Living Nutrients” are a total game-changer.

They’ll help you burn more food as fuel… have more energy… and melt off that stubborn belly fat… “cottage cheese thighs”… and even those pudgy arms I hate so much.

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3 Simple "No Workout" Tips to Lose Weight While You Sleep

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